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Immediate Access to Michelle's powerful and positive approach to living with chronic illness (without any fairy dust and woo woo). Every Masterclass and Workshop shows you how to create a life that works for you and your body.

Every workshop includes a practical workbook with empowerment strategies you can use right now. 



Chronic Hope Workshop & Guide

Reclaim your hope in ways that feel safe and empowering.

Your longings are a powerful compass for the next right step for you. It may not look like you originally planned but there are lots of possibilities for this core energy in your heart to come into fruition.

I will show you how to safely trust your longings no matter where you are in your physical health. 

$25 USD 


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Home-Study Collection

Everything you need to navigate chronic illness with confidence.

Practical strategies delivered in a very powerful and distilled way. Everything is broken down into simple, small steps which deliver big changes in your daily life.

These are tools I have cultivated within myself have allowed me to feel much calmer and in control of my own decisions.

$199 USD


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Career and Chronic Masterclass Series

Empowerment in your career while living with chronic conditions.

Listen to the wisdom and learn how to flourish while living with chronic illness from some of the most authentic Chronic Super Stars in the world.

You'll get super practical tools for managing the loss of confidence, how to have the hard conversations and map a career path that honours your ambitions and your body. 


$99 USD


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Badass Boundaries Workshop & Guide

How to prioritise you again.


Managing chronic illness takes a lot of emotional energy as well as physical, mental and even spiritual energy. It requires so many conversations and not all of them are helpful.

Michelle teaches you the five simple steps for creating great boundaries and managing other people's expectations. So you have energy for what is important for you.

$50 USD


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Chronic Holidays Masterclass & Guide 

Everything you need to navigate the holidays with ease.

Practical strategies that make it easy to show up authentically and enjoy the season in ways that work for you and your body.

Learn how to boost your boundaries, reduce overwhelm and create a loving exit plan (for when you need it).





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We take access to this content very seriously.
The content of every product is available as a video with captions, streamed audio and in a transcript.
Plus the workbooks are designed so you can use them independently of the video/audio content.


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