Watch: Living and Flourishing with Chronic Illness

Jul 15, 2022

Michelle talks with House of Wellness TV Host Jo Stanley about living with chronic illness. She explains

  • What living with chronic illness is like
  • Why "jollying" us up, isn't helpful and
  • What Badass Boundaries are so important for people living with chronic illness.

This is also perfect to share with family and friends.

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Listen: How to journey through Chronic Illness

Jun 07, 2022

In this episode of The Bigger, Braver Life Show Michelle talks with host Angela Marie Williams about: 

  • The link between mythology and your journey through chronic illness
  • Ways to balance your energy daily, especially as a business owner 
  • How to best support someone experiencing chronic illness.
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Watch: How to get unstuck while living with chronic illness

Apr 29, 2022

Talking Chronic Illness on Broad Radio. What was so beautiful is that this one was personal for host Nelly - who has a family member living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Me/CFS (commonly known as Chronic Fatigue)

In this quick chat we cover:
- Why chronic illness including invisible illness is an Underworld journey.
- Why family members and some clinicians gaslight those of us living with chronic illness.
- What's an empowering new story we can embrace.
- How to move forward while living with chronic illness.

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Watch: The 4 Emotional Stages of Chronic Illness

Apr 26, 2022

There are four emotional stages of living with chronic illness and here is the map.

Stage 1. In search of diagnosis - being out at sea
Stage 2. Treatment and some improvement - you've washed up on the beach.
Stage 3. You have regained some capacity - you're wandering in the forest.
Stage 4. You stabilise and start to integrate your experience - you return to the over-world.

The most important thing to remember is that these emotional states are not linear, one blood test and the results can have you back out at sea. One treatment that works super well and you leap frog back to the over-world.

Learn how to navigate each of these stages in our Emotional Empowerment with Chronic Illness  course starting July 2022. Join the Waitlist and you'll get exclusive access to the course details plus to our early bird deals!

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Listen: How to manage your career while living with chronic illness

Apr 22, 2022
Michelle Irving
Listen: How to manage your career while living with chronic illness

Managing your Career while living with Chronic Illness

47% of Australians live with a chronic illness, 70% of whom also work

That's 6.6 million women in Australia living and working with chronic illness

So why don't we talk about this more?

‍ Michelle is on a mission to de-shame chronic illness, illuminate the stories of those 6.6 million Australian women, and help us all see their unique strengths and value.

In this episode with the fabulous Vari we talk about:

Society's outdated and untrue story of illness and wellness

 Michelle own experience of 2 chronic illnesses and how she now helps women in this space

The 'hero's journey' we see portrayed so often, and the power of illuminating the 'heroine's journey' instead - including some incredible ancient mythology

How the pandemic has changed opinions and ideas on chronic illness

Where women with chronic illness can find connection, community and 'helpful help'

How those people's family, friends, colleagues,...

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Listen: Sacred Power of Illness

May 16, 2021
Michelle Irving
Listen: Sacred Power of Illness

The Sacred Power of Illness

It was wonderful to share with Jin Ong, host of The Art of Listening to Your Body podcast.

We talked about why experiencing illness does not mean you 'thought' the wrong thoughts or created your condition. I share with her the powerful, alternative narratives including "What if. we experience illnesses because we are Bodhisattvas?". Plus my personal favourite the Greek Myth of Persephone and why I believe there is a deeply sacred power that lies at the heart of our experience of illness.

Much love, 

Michelle xx

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Give yourself permission to ask for what you want

May 07, 2021

There are times in all our relationships, personal and professional, where things build up. Unmet needs or overbearing demands congeal into resentments, and we can get overwhelmed. I have noticed that the first indication that things are building up, is that I start to complain a lot to my friends and beloved. I complain about how other people are not doing what I think they should, or are deliberately thwarting my happiness! If I don’t attend to what is bugging me, in a way that it can be resolved, then I can get very stuck. I start to shut down, and withdraw from the person I am upset with. I may then aggressively push back when other innocent people ask me to do things, or collapse into tears at the end of the day and feeling like I am ‘failing’ at life.

A complaint often masks a desire or need, one we don’t feel we can directly ask for. Some part of us feels unsafe to ask, so we create a barrier and don’t fully express ourselves. The physical and...

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Never make a man uncomfortable, and other useless advice

May 07, 2021

Over the last month, power dynamics in relationships has been a hot topic for my clients. In particular, women have been describing what I call ‘the command’, where a man instructs a woman about what she should be doing. I know for myself, this immediately shuts down my body and my heart. And it is difficult to transition from these interactions into more sensual and sexual spaces. So, what is going on here between men and women in romantic relationships?

Let’s talk about The Command

Often the command is not so much about the words but the tone. “Could you move please” is not a polite request, but instead has an insistent and aggressive tone. In my own relationship, I find this dynamic can come up around a physical task.

Recently my beloved and I hired bicycles. As we started to mount up, I felt he was instructing me about what I should be doing, rather than sharing helpful information. He was definitely in his command tone. Let’s talk about my...

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The Power of Ritual

May 07, 2021

On Monday, my beloved and I held a Soul Love Ritual where we consciously committed to go deeper with each other in our relationship and we symbolised this by the ‘traditional’ wearing of rings.  It was beautiful, raw, real and we both glowed as the new energy swirled in.

I want to share with you how we consciously closed out the old patterns, hurts and assumptions about each other before we moved into the new commitment. 

You can use the process we designed for anything you want to consciously release in your own life (including the whole of 2020 if you like:)

Why use Ritual? Isn't that only for woo woo people?

 Rituals are simple. All you have to do is decide you want to consciously end something and/or create space for the new in your life. It could be a relationship. it could be a work dynamic you are experiencing. It could be the way you always prioritise other people’s needs over your own. It could be leaving a house you have lived in, or moving...
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The World Does Not Need More Frantic Women

May 07, 2021

For the last couple of months, I have driven myself crazy creating relentless promotion and event deadlines (not to mention cash outlays). My daily demands (laments) were that I needed to promote my Finding Freedom with Chronic Illness course for women living from serious illness. I also needed to promote my Relationship Workshop. I needed to get along to some networking events. I needed to get some new branding, and I absolutely had to hire a graphic designer! My business was going to flail and fail without one. Why? Well one of my big assumptions was that I could not promote my course to a breast cancer organisations without an engaging flyer.

Under the weight of these “must do’s” I became anxious, overwhelmed, edgy and to be honest I wasn’t a lot of fun to be around. Does this sound familiar? OK, you may not need a graphic designer, but I am sure you have a list of things you just have to do before you can...

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