The Power of Ritual

May 07, 2021

On Monday, my beloved and I held a Soul Love Ritual where we consciously committed to go deeper with each other in our relationship and we symbolised this by the ‘traditional’ wearing of rings.  It was beautiful, raw, real and we both glowed as the new energy swirled in.

I want to share with you how we consciously closed out the old patterns, hurts and assumptions about each other before we moved into the new commitment. 

You can use the process we designed for anything you want to consciously release in your own life (including the whole of 2020 if you like:)

Why use Ritual? Isn't that only for woo woo people?

 Rituals are simple. All you have to do is decide you want to consciously end something and/or create space for the new in your life. It could be a relationship. it could be a work dynamic you are experiencing. It could be the way you always prioritise other people’s needs over your own. It could be leaving a house you have lived in, or moving into a new one. Whatever it is, you have thoughts, beliefs, emotions and even energy that has lived with you in this circumstance. And what you can do is actually clear that, release and let go in a very powerful and loving way. Plus if you want, you can open to the new with clarity, love and a whole lot of joy. So no, Ritual isn’t for just for woo woo people – it’s for practical people like you.

What do I do? 

1. Create time and space for yourself

OK, what you need to do is set up a time where you can be completely with yourself, quiet and peaceful without the phone, children of family interrupting. Ideally, give yourself plenty of time, resist the temptation to schedule this in for the 5 mins between grocery shopping and the next Zoom meeting.

You want time to allow yourself to be in your own natural rhythm and listening to your own wisdom. My personal preference is to do Rituals at night, I love the  cloak of the stars and the house being quiet after all the business of the day is complete. However, given my beloved also works from home I have also done rituals for myself when he has gone out to visit his family on a Saturday afternoon.

So create time and space for yourself.

Decide what it is you are releasing or opening up to (or both).

Make your space comfortable and sacred. Gather some cushions or pillows, a candle, some paper to journal on and anything symbolic of what you are releasing or opening up to.

2. Create an Altar if you wish

This is one of my favourite things to do. You simply gather your candle, maybe some flowers, the items which are symbolic and sacred to you and put them all in a designated space. The photo above is actually a photo of our Altar – post the ritual when the champagne came out! 

3. Begin your Ritual

Start by lighting a candle, closing your eyes, meditation, a dance or placing your hands on your heart. It’s your ritual so do something that brings you into connection with yourself. I always like to turn towards the Sun or the Moon and let the energy fill me, reminding myself that I am safe and nourished by the light. My body then feels loved by the sun or the moon.

4. Release

Speak aloud or journal what you are releasing. Let it naturally flow out of you onto the page or into the air. In the ritual with my Beloved, we each stated

  I release any judgements I have about you.

  I release any assumptions I have about you.

  I release any hurts I have felt between us and with you.

  May all of these thoughts and feelings now release fully from my mind, body and heart – so that I now sit here in full openness, presence and love with you. 

Your words are powerful and this is where the magic happens.

5. Gratitude

OK, I am not talking about the rainbows and fairies style gratitude where you gloss over and try and pretend you are grateful for all the crappy things that have happened. Nope, this is a raw and real Ritual. So if you don’t feel especially grateful for the things which have happened then feel that deep respect and gratitude in yourself that you have faced it. Whether you liked it or not, you have faced these circumstances or patterns, or the signs that it’s time to let go of what no longer serves you.

6. Open to the New

I always like to speak and/or feel the energy of what is New. What is free to now come into my life. Personally I am a big fan of writing Love Letters, to myself or others. I have done this before a Ritual and then read it out during the sacred time I created. I have also written the Love and/or Release Letter during the Ritual.

7. Sit Gently, Close Out

When things feel complete just take a moment to be with yourself.

  Feel your feelings and your body.

  Three deep breaths.

  Open your eyes.

  Blow out the candle.

  Complete with “And so it is.”


Rituals have amazing power. What seems so simple actually moves a lot around psychologically and physically. So be gentle with yourself and take good care of yourself post the ritual.

Following our Ritual my Beloved and I were suddenly super hungry, so we popped down the road for a pub steak. Nothing woo woo about that!

You can see from the picture above the glow of my soul. That’s what ritual can do when we consciously close out and open up to the new. 


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