Podcast: Queen of the Underworld. Life, Love and Bedrest

May 03, 2021
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Michelle Irving
Podcast: Queen of the Underworld. Life, Love and Bedrest


Queen of the Underworld. Life, Love and Bedrest

I was delighted to be interviewed by the gorgeous Monica Michelle, host of the utterly brilliant podcast Explicitly Sick. We had a very honest discussion about chronic illness, love, life and expectations from bed rest.


Much love, 

Michelle xx

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'Stop Apologising': What those of us living with chronic illness need to remember

May 03, 2021


It’s time to talk about it.

I rolled out of bed one Sunday morning and made it as far as the hallway before my whole world started to swirl and I was falling. Logic tells you that once you reach the floor the falling should stop. Even though I knew I was lying on the floor, my stomach kept lurching. I frantically tried to grasp at something, anything to stop the sensation. It didn’t work.

And so began the last five years of my life living with Migraine Associated Vertigo – basically instead of getting the pounding headache we normally associate with migraines, you get – I get – vertigo. The problem is that lying in the dark, going to sleep and waking up the next morning doesn’t fix this type of migraine. I spent months lying in bed 24/7 feeling like I was falling. Every sound, every movement, every turning on of the light – made it worse.

There was no alternative.

I had to take serious medication and begin the ascent back up to...

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