What if you could flourish even while living with chronic illness? 




Finding Freedom with Chronic Illness is a 7 week digital program designed to radically transform your emotional experience of illness.

In this process together, you shed any shame you feel about being unwell, you  set the Badass Boundaries you need in your relationships including at work and... 






Worry your illness will prevent you from having a magnificent life.

Struggle with managing and maintaining work, especially under pressure.

Have lost hope.

Are exhausted trying to hold it all together.

Feel like romance and joyful relationship is no longer possible.

Wish your family and friends were more supportive.

Feel like you are battling with your body and don’t want to be a victim.



Experience the sheer joy of knowing you can have a magnificent life and meaningful work while also living with serious illness.

Never again apologise for feeling unwell.

Feel the complete relief of not having to ‘fix’ everyone else’s reactions to your condition.

Create Badass Boundaries which transform your relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Trust yourself completely knowing who to share your vulnerability with and what to say.


I can tell you with complete certainty that Freedom with Chronic Illness is possible for you.

The easiest pathway to your freedom with chronic illness is your complete emotional freedom.

What does that look like?

You set Badass Boundaries with family, friends and even managers at work when you need to.

You open your heart to the loving support that is available and know how to discern between healthy relationships and ones that do not serve you.

You know that your dreams are in your heart for a reason and have the emotional confidence to trust that.

You know there is a lot of BS in the Wellness Industry, especially when it comes to healing chronic illness.

You trust your own inner wisdom to guide what you really need, which treatment and what modalities are truly supportive.

You do not prioritise anyone else's views about what you should be doing, saying or thinking above your own. 

You access and trust your own inner wisdom to guide you about what you need, when and how.

You take time to truly feel the joy of your authentic beauty and cultivate a deep relationship with yourself. 

You know the experience of living with chronic illness is a descent in the Underworld and most of all you know exactly how to navigate it.

Finally, you do not apologise for feeling unwell. You stand in your sacred ground and know your power, grit and vulnerability are magnificent qualities and you shine in the world.


There is NO better time, than right now. 

I am committed to helping women access their
Power and Freedom.

You may not know this by looking at me, but I've lived for over 15 years with two chronic health conditions...

One life-threatening, which cannot be cured and the other a debilitating vertigo condition.

Through these experiences I have become dedicated to a world where no one is shamed for their experience of illness. In fact, I'm for a world where we are respected and valued precisely because of what we go through. The grit, vulnerability and power we harness every day to meet our experience. 

I am committed to helping women create emotional and practical freedom in their relationships, their experience of work and flourish in their lives.

I live a passionate life speaking, writing and running courses in a way that works for me and my body. I also lie down a lot, and enjoy quiet time with my gorgeous partner Cliff. 

I cannot wait to meet you, to share what I have learnt from my many years lived experience with serious illness and my deep passion for this work.


I bring this all to you...



Finding Freedom with Chronic Illness is an immersive 7 week digital program designed to radically transform your emotional experience of illness so that you shed shame, have Badass Boundaries and flourish in your life.


In this course, we honour the depth, grit, vulnerability, and tenacity that has served you this far, and illuminate the sacred power you are already embodying. 

Client Praise...

"Michelle leads gently and cleverly, to the place you need to get to to find the answer that's waiting there for you in your own head. The process feels a little bit magical." 

I have been a long term sufferer of migraines, and there is a lot of tension which I had become used to over the course of 20 years. Working with Michelle brought out some specific issues that I needed to sort through in my own head in order to address a kind of overall sense of tension that I was experiencing.

Working with Michelle doesn't feel like working with a practitioner in a medical sense, it doesn't feel clinical. It feels like working with a friend - but with boundaries. She's not there to tell you what to do. Since working with Michelle, I think the biggest change I've noticed is that I no longer have  a sense that there is something peculiar or worng with me. In terms of the way I think about myself, the ay I behave or the way I relate to other people. 


~Barbara, Victoria, Australia.



7 Module Digital Program

Finding Freedom with Chronic Illness is a Digital Program designed to completely release old beliefs & programming, especially any shame, create your Badass Boundaries and  create a life that works for you and your body.

7 Powerful Masterclasses

You get to experience 7 Live, Interactive Group Masterclasses with Q & A, Coaching & Conversations on ALL things Freedom with Chronic Illness! Masterclasses will be held Sundays 9:00am (AEST). 


7 Weeks of Transformation

Finding Freedom with Chronic Illness comes with a beautiful workbook to dive deep into. You will be able to look back on your stories of illness, the 'roles' you have played in relationships, and performing wellness at work. These reflections and inner work leads to deep emotional, tangible results. You will create emotional freedom in your life.


7 Weeks of Intimate Community

You will have access to a beautiful, engaged, community of women experiencing illness and at a similar place in their desire to have a deeply positive relationship with themselves, and thrive.


Over the course of 7 weeks we will journey together, de-shaming and transforming your relationship to illness.

We will explore...


Module 1: Cultivating Freedom

We begin by exploring what is really important to you. We look at relationships, working, creating and your health. This becomes the foundation of the new relationship with ourselves.


Module 2: Reshaping the Story of Illness 

Here we explore our beliefs, stories, our memories and programming about what we have been taught about illness. We need to access our subconscious, the deepest parts of ourselves in order to create long lasting and monumental shifts.


Module 3: The Unseen

Now we do the deep dive into our personal relationship with our own illness. What role we have been playing in our relationships, with clinicians and in our work. What is your role in this story – narrator, victim, battler, warrior, heroine?


Module 4: Freedom in Relationships 

We start to listen more deeply to our inner truth. We sort fact from fiction and become highly attuned to what is really going on inside. From this place we start to Speak Up.


Module 5: Freedom with Work 

We learn how to navigate work with  grounded confidence, especially on the days we feel unwell. We explore our creativity and work in ways that work for us and our bodies. We release 'performing wellness' and reset how we manage other people's expectations


Module 6: The Freedom of Discernment

Here you’ll get super practical discerning where you spend your physical, emotional, financial and even spiritual resources. You start to embody your Freedom, even while lying in bed.


Module 7: The Freedom of Authenticity

What feels authentic for you now? Here we integrate everything that has been transformed in your relationship with illness. We emerge with a new story and deep clarity about our own power.



Yes you are. 


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