Sacred Power of Illness

Experiencing illness does not mean you 'thought' the wrong thoughts or created your condition. I share with Jin Ong, powerful, alternative narratives including: "What if. we experience illnesses because we are Bodhisattvas?". Plus my personal favourite the Greek Myth of Persephone and why I believe there is a deeply sacred power that lies at the heart of our experience of illness⁠.

From Lover to Co-worker - how to stay sane working from home together

If your Lover is now your coworker, this episode gives you insights on how you can make agreements that will make home life more harmonious.⁠⁠

Michelle Irving returns to The CC Podcast to discuss all things working from home with your partner.


Lessons Learned Through My Conversations with Death

It was great to speak with podcast host Kimberly Hambrick about what it feels like to have a life-threatening illness.

This is for anyone going through such an illness or have a loved one that is.





Building Authentic Relationships at Work

I talk with James MacPherson about building authentic relationships at work, feminine maturity and being able to stand in your own power. Plus trust, visibility, masculinity and relationship wellbeing.


Ease and Intuition

I am not here to rescue anyone.

Michelle talks with Annie, host of Rebel Therapist podcast about Feminine Maturity. Plus why intuitive guidance is the most practical tool you have for connecting with others.

 Authentic Relationships

Is your inner child or inner teenager running your dating and relating? 

Michelle talks with Conscious Conversation host Kasia Kowalewski all things Dating and Relating 101. Plus the difference between having expectations of other and making Love Agreements.

Queen of the Underworld. Life, Love and Bedrest

I was delighted to be interviewed by the gorgeous Monica Michelle, host of the utterly brilliant podcast Explicitly Sick. We had a very honest discussion about chronic illness, love, life and expectations from bed rest.



No End in Sight with Autoimmune Illness

I share about my spiritual and emotional experience of illness with No End in Sight host Brianne Benness. Plus we talk being bed-bound and how I used Greek mythology to build a map that makes sense of the chronic illness cycle.  



Setting Boundaries while living with Chronic Illness

It was wonderful to talk with Amanda Love about living with migraine associated vertigo (MAV) and an Autoimmune Condition of my Liver.

We talk about how I developed important healthy boundaries with both my clinicians and in my personal relationships.


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