What if you never had to apologise for being unwell again?

How to manage other people's expectations & prioritise you

Living with serious illness takes a lot of emotional energy as well as physical, mental and even spiritual energy.

It requires so many conversations and not all of them are helpful. Right when you feel your most vulnerable, you know you also need some badass boundaries with family, friends, colleagues and clinicians.

In this workshop, I'll show you how to use these five simple steps for creating great boundaries and managing other people's expectations:

  • Know your Circle of Wellness
  • Honour what is important to you
  • Manage your energy
  • Speak Up - what to say and to whom
  • Activate regular Self-Care

Plus you receive a beautiful 18-page practical guide for your personal Badass Boundaries.

Let's get to it! 

Instant access for $75.



"I recommend this program to anyone struggling to manage chronic illness and life. Michelle truly opens doors for deeper healing as well as a greater opportunity to live more fully."

Before starting this course I felt unclear and overwhelmed on how to manage my relationships and life in general. All fo the content and practical exercises Michelle shares are so helpful to hear and put down on paper! This course is filled with so many nuggets of wisdom it is helping me on a daily basis. Michelle has a way of going deep but also keeping things simple and clear to digest and assimilate in one's daily life. I feel empowered and inspired every time I work with her. Her guidance is clear, playful and supportive.

 ~Samantha, Massachusetts, USA.


"Michelle's courses are incredibly profound, heartwarming and supportive." 

I have been dealing with chronic illness for over 20 years. It affects my mood, my energy, my sleep, all kinds of things. Over the years, I have tried, you name it, I've tried everything but I find that the work that Michelle is doing is very unique. I have much more confidence really about just opening up, learning more about myself and moving forward. 


~Wendy, Melbourne, Australia.




About Michelle

Michelle gets it. While bed-bound twice in the past decade, she mastered the practical demands of work, insurance, medical appointments and relationship dynamics.

Michelle is driven by a mission to de-shame and transform conversations around illness.

She keeps it real. In her forthright style, she provides practical relationship and self-care strategies for the whole illness journey from diagnosis to survivorship.

Her work is underpinned by extensive professional development in the emerging survivorship care sector. She has completed training with the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre and The University of Melbourne Primary Practitioner Survivorship Training.

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