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Queen of the Underworld is specifically designed to meet you at any stage of your personal journey with illness, supporting you to safely explore your experience and ultimately embody your deep Authentic Power. 

1 Making Our Lives Sacred

In Module 1, we begin by exploring our beliefs, stories,  memories and programming about what we have been taught about illness. We need to access our subconscious, the deepest parts of ourselves to create long-lasting and monumental shifts.

  1. Making Our Lives Sacred
  2. You are Magnificent
  3. Making Space for You
  4. Honouring Your Physical Capacity
  5. Expanding Your Current Emotional, Mental & Spiritual World
  6. Practice Not Perfection
  7. Creating Freedom
  8. Heartfelt Intentions
  9. Making Our Lives Sacred Ritual

2 Navigating Uncertainty

Here we gain an understanding of how deep, transformative illness journeys work and the stages of personal development. You identify and release any shame about your experience of illness.

Discover how to move through The Unknown feeling grounded. You learn how to access your most profound  intuitive wisdom even on the days you feel whacked. Especially for those days. 

  1. The Unknown - A Portal to Power
  2. Living with Uncertainty
  3. Endings, Limbo & Beginnings
  4. Finding Ground with Diagnosis, Mysterious & Invisible Illness
  5. Receiving and Allowing Support
  6. The Power of Myth
  7. Persephone Queen of the Underworld
  8. The Purpose of the Underworld
  9. Cultivating Compassion with Ourselves
  10. What to do at the Midnight Hour
  11. This is Not the End of Our Story
  12. The Seven Gates of Underworld Power
  13. The Persephone Ritual and Meditation
  14. The Heroine's Journey with Sarah Ramey


3 The Unseen

We recalibrate your story of illness as we illuminate the power you already possess. You will learn how to honour who you have been, who you are and who you are becoming, holding space and love for yourself throughout your entire journey. 

Now you can embrace a profoundly new story filled with possibilities for love, joy, reciprocal relationships, meaningful work and freedom all while living with illness.

  1. Welcome to the Unseen
  2. The Stories We're Told
  3. Uncovering the Assumptions - Illness, Wellness & Shame
  4. Seeing What Has Been Hidden - Family Patterns & Influence
  5. WTF - Symptoms, Treatment & Management
  6. The Guidance of Anger and Frustration
  7. Moving on from Patient in Crisis
  8. Releasing the Good Girl
  9. The Unhelpful Helpers
  10. Who Can Handle the Truth?
  11. Re-writing Your Story of Illness
  12. New Beginnings
  13. Regaining Emotional Confidence 
  14. Bonus Masterclass with Guest Sarah Ramey

4 Archetypes of Power

Here our deepest power starts to come fully online. We release the emotional habits we developed as children and teenagers, we stop silencing ourselves or acting out with explosive tantrums.

You specifically work with the Power Archetypes - your inner Queen, Warrior and Wise Woman and learn how to feel and embody your natural confidence. You experience a lot more ease through the ups and downs of living with illness.

  1. Introduction to the Archetypes of Power
  2. Your Inner Queen
  3. You are the Decision-maker
  4. Your Sacred Resources (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial, Creative, Intellectual and Spiritual) 
  5. Navigating Power Dynamics in Relationships
  6. Working with the Inner Critic
  7. Time for Clarity
  8. Stepping into Your Power
  9. The Queen Embodiment Exercise
  10. Accessing The Warrior Within
  11. No more apologising for being unwell
  12. Creating Healthy Relationship Boundaries
  13. The Art of Being Seen 
  14. Confronting Criticism
  15. The Warrior Within Embodiment Exercise
  16. Your Inner Wise Woman
  17. The three levels of intuition - body, mind, and emotions
  18. Practical Wisdom - Trusting Yourself
  19. The Wise Woman Embodiment Exercise
  20. Your Wise Woman Meditation
  21. Accessing Your Sacred Freedom
  22. Your Sacred Freedom Ritual and Meditation


5 Saying the Unsaid

Now it's time to set healthy relationship boundaries AND connect with Love. We enjoy the dreams, longings and hopes we have and find new ways to bring them to life in our world. We reclaim our own inner lover, our sensuality and what we truly desire.

Learn how to feel, speak and act from your Authentic No and Authentic Yes. Here you move on from being harsh with yourself. You'll learn how can stop making rules in your relationships and instead co-create Love Agreements. You  to feel your emotional maturity bloom.

  1. Introduction to Saying the Unsaid
  2. The Power of Longings
  3. Hearing the Unspoken
  4. I Deeply Desire Ritual and Meditation
  5. Reclaiming Your Voice
  6. Your Authentic No
  7. Being OK with Other People's Disapproval
  8. The Silent Treatment & Tantrums
  9. Blame, Rebellion and Stone Walls
  10. Badass Boundaries
  11. Calling Back Your Energy Ritual and Meditation
  12. Your Authentic Yes
  13. Open to Joy
  14. It's OK for You to Want Things
  15. Straight Talk
  16. Chronic Illness & Romance
  17. Real & Raw: Talking about the hard things
  18. Marriage & Partnership - Making Love Agreements
  19. Aphrodite Ritual and Meditation
  20. Friendship and Community
  21. Resting and Restoring


6 Career and Creativity

Here we explore what meaningful work and creativity is for you and how to do that in a way that works for you and your body. Learn how to reset your relationships at work and no longer take on 'emotional labour' that is not yours to carry. 

Discover how to have authentic professional boundaries and Speak Up about what you want and need. Now you know which conversations to have, with whom, what to say and when.

  1. Introduction to Career and Creativity
  2. Making Space for Creativity
  3. The Guidance of Inspiration and Ideas
  4. Knowing How to Move Forward 
  5. Creativity and Joy with Guest Lauren Selfridge
  6. Your Circle of Wellness
  7. Knowing What Works for You & Your Body
  8. Moving on From 'Performing Wellness'
  9. Career - What's Possible?
  10. Releasing Emotional Labour
  11. Privacy & Communication - Who to tell, What to say & When
  12. Managing Fatigue and Self-Care
  13. Energetic Spending - What's Worth It?
  14. Enjoying Meaningful Work
  15. Spoonie Entrepreneurship
  16. Sharing Your Wisdom 
  17. Clearing and Clarity Meditation


7 Flourishing with Authenticity

Now we expand into a life where you can thrive, and enjoy the expression of your magnificence in the world. Here you embody all of your experience, wisdom and talents.

You know you have choices and are comfortable making the most optimal ones for you. You will learn how to consistently prioritise your own energy and self care, so that you have capacity to do what is most important to you.

  1. Introduction to Flourishing with Authenticity
  2. Authentically You
  3. The Sacred Power of Illness
  4. The Wisdom of Mortality
  5. The Power of Vulnerability
  6. The Guidance of Clarity
  7. Authentic Relationships
  8. The Power of Discernment
  9. Radiance
  10. Flourishing Ritual and Meditation


8 Sovereignty

Sovereignty is what becomes embodied through the lived experience of the chronic illness world. In this Module we explore your authentic power, gifts and your total capacity to trust yourself.

You are now very skilled at using your discernment, setting badass boundaries and opening up to a life where you flourish. Finally, we integrate the whole 8-month journey and close with a deeply personal ritual.

  1. Introduction to Sovereignty
  2. Moving Between Two Worlds
  3. Moving Between Two World Ritual and Mediation
  4. The Dawning of the New
  5. Queen of the Underworld Graduation

Over 35 Beautiful Video Lessons

Over 35 Beautiful Videos sharing with you all the tools you need to dramatically shift your relationship with your health, with yourself and with your loved ones. Watch in your own time, at your own pace on any device. All delivered through our private web platform.

24 Powerful Group Masterclasses

You get to experience regular Live, Interactive Group Masterclasses with Q & A, Coaching & Conversations on ALL things Power and Freedom with Illness with Michelle! We’ll meet on Zoom and you'll also be able to catch these on replay in our private web portal. Plus you will have unlimited access to the whole program for an additional 12 months as an Alumni.

10 Personal Rituals & Mediations

Queen of the Underworld has been specifically designed for you to access your own insights, guidance and practical steps forward. Over the course of our 8 months together you will enjoy 10 Mystical Rituals + Guided Meditations to achieve exactly this

8 Modules of Downloadable Workbooks, Journal Prompts and Practical Exercises

Every Module includes a beautiful workbook filled with the lessons in a written format,  journal prompts and practical strategies you can implement immediately. Not only will you be able to understand and integrate the emotional experience of illness but this inner work leads to deep emotional, tangible results. You will enjoy more freedom, have more energy for what you want to do and have all the rest you need for your body.

Plenty of Integration Breaks

Queen of the Underworld has been specifically designed for women experiencing illness. We know you need plenty of rest and recovery time, you need to do things at your own pace and in your own way. This work is deep and transformative. So we have purposefully built in plenty of integration breaks of 1 - 2 weeks so all of the alchemy flows gently through your system. You can also catch up and revisit the material at any stage as well.

8 Months of Intimate Community

You will have access to a beautiful, engaged, community of women experiencing illness and at a similar place in their desire to have a deeply positive relationship with themselves, and thrive.


Special Bonus

You will have unlimited access to the whole program for an additional 12 months as an Alumni.

Bonus Guest Masterclass

You’ll experience these intimate Masterclasses with Spoonie Superstars like Sarah Ramey on Understanding the Myth of Persephone and Inanna, and Lauren Selfridge, psychotherapist and host of This is Not What I Ordered podcast on Creating Your Soul’s Work. Valued at $1,000

2 Private 1:1 Signature Sessions with Michelle

Private Signature Coaching sessions with Michelle help support your whole Queen of the Underworld journey. You receive personalised content and practical strategies for you to make tangible changes in your daily life. We ensure you are fully supported to transform all your relationships, enjoy meaningful work and embody your deepest power in ways that work for you and your body. Valued at $1,100 ($550 a session).

Finding Feminine Maturity

Finding Feminine Maturity is an 8 week digital program designed for you to let go of habitual patterns, transform all your relationships and stand in your authentic, mature power.  Valued at $888.

Queen of the Underworld is specifically designed to meet you at any stage of your personal journey with illness, supporting you to safely explore your experience and ultimately embody your deep Authentic Power. 







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PROGRAM COMMENCES: October 4, 2021

8 Month Immersion

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AU$ 8,888 (from 28 Sept 2021) 

Easy Payment Plans Available.

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If it’s not the right fit for you, we won't leave you hanging. We'll be able to offer you some supportive resources and referral if appropriate.

There are limited spots and no other program like this in the world. So if you feel called in your heart to transform your experience of illness - now is the time.

Creative Resourcing & Scholarships


Do you feel deeply in your soul that this program is for you but aren’t sure how it will be financially feasible?

It is very important to Michelle that this work is available and accessible. Michelle has worked with several clients to find creative ways of financing the program. 

Book a call below and we can also share from our clients’ experiences how the financial support could flow to enable you to participate. All you need to do is check the creative resourcing discussion on the Application Form.


We offer one Subsided Scholarship in the Queen of the Underworld Program. This place is available for a 75% Subsidy - meaning your fee is 25% or AU $2,222 (approx US $1,800) total.

If you wish to apply for the Scholarship, simply check the box on the application form. Our Scholarship Criteria take into account your physical and financial capacity.

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