Get what you need with ease

Sovereignty is specifically designed for when you have limited time, physical capacity or emotional space.

The whole program is delivered through a series of audio heart-to-hearts. There are no live masterclasses, worksheets or expectations of you.

Everything is delivered right to your ears where and when you want to listen.


Each month we explore a key area of living with chronic illness.


  1. Sovereignty - your power within.
  2. Feeling emotionally grounded.
  3. Re-writing your Story of Illness.
  4. Just between You and I.

Bonus Meditation: Sovereignty

Living with Uncertainty

  1. Navigating the Unknown 
  2. Grief, Loss and Letting Go
  3. Your Sacred Resources 
  4.  Just Between You and I


Bonus Meditation: Letting Go

Emotional Confidence

  1. Badass Boundaries
  2. Releasing the Good Girl 
  3. Authentic Relationships
  4. No more apologising for being unwell.

Bonus Meditation: Boundaries

Cultivating Acceptance

  1. Working with the inner critic
  2. Pragmatic compassion
  3. Time for Clarity
  4. The Power of Vulnerability

Bonus Meditation: Acceptance


  1. Love 101 - chronic illness & romance
  2. Real & Raw: Talking about the hard things
  3. Sensuality & Sex
  4. Marriage & partnership: making agreements

Bonus Meditation: Love


  1. Allowing support
  2. Asking for help
  3. Unhelpful Helpers - what to do and say
  4. Friendship and Community

Bonus Meditation: Connection

Trust Yourself 

  1. The three levels of intuition - body, mind, and emotions
  2. Dreams, solitude and making your way in the underworld
  3. Practical wisdom - trusting yourself
  4. Surprise and Delight

Bonus Meditation: Intuition

Creativity & Passion

  1. Accessing Creativity
  2. A plan for Life
  3. Time for Clarity
  4. The Power of Vulnerability

Bonus Meditation: Joy

Career & Work

  1. Moving on from performing wellness
  2. Meaningful Work that works for you and your body
  3. Privacy and Communication: Who to tell, what to say and when
  4. Spoonie Entrepreneurship

Bonus Meditation: Clarity

Reclaiming Your Voice

  1. Saying the Unsaid
  2. The Art of being heard 
  3. Your Sacred No
  4. Your Sacred Yes

Bonus Meditation: Speaking Up

Enjoy More Energy

  1. Exhaustion, Fatigue and Frustration, chronic pain - WTF
  2. Your Circle of Wellness
  3. Energetic Spending - what's worth it?
  4. Confronting Criticism

Bonus Meditation: De-stress

Shine Authentically

  1. The Dawning of the New
  2. Radiance
  3. The Power of Authenticity 
  4. Stand Your Sacred Ground

Bonus Meditation: Sacred Freedom

Push to start

 Every Month

All in your own time, at your own pace, when and where suits you - delivered straight to your ears.

  • 4 Heart-to-Heart audio talks –  It’s like sitting on the couch once a week with your bestie who 'gets it' and receiving wise counsel all in one.
  • Just Between You and I –  post your questions directly to Michelle and she'll answer them in this monthly Q & A recording.
  • Bonus Guided Meditation – think simple support anytime for letting go, clarity, boundaries, busy mind, centring, joy, de-stress. 

You'll have early access for every Guest Masterclass, Event and Course throughout the year. Some of our courses sell-out prior to release - so you're first in line now.

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