Ready to reclaim your power while living with chronic illness






A series of heart-to-hearts designed for intelligent, talented, creative women experiencing chronic illness.

Guided by Michelle Irving


There are beliefs, stories and judgements that we inherit about illness. They impact us emotionally and shape other people's reactions to us. Combined with the sheer physicality of managing chronic illness, we often lose our self-confidence and sense of purpose in this world.  Yet the raw truth is that we are already Magnificent. All of our grit, vulnerability and sheer tenacity are powerful tools for life. Combined with some badass boundaries, some joy and authentic connection - we have everything we need to experience our full Sovereignty.  

Sovereignty is a weekly audio series designed for magnificent women experiencing illness. Here you will find all the tools to:

Regain Emotional Confidence

Reclaim Your Voice

Shine Authentically



Your dreams, career, and love life shouldn’t feel impossible because you are living with chronic illness.

Sovereignty is specifically designed for when you have limited time, physical capacity or emotional space.

The whole program is delivered through a series of audio heart-to-hearts. There are no live masterclasses, worksheets or expectations of you. Everything is delivered right to your ears where and when you want to listen.

Each month we explore a key area of living with chronic illness.



  1. Sovereignty - your power within.
  2. Feeling emotionally grounded.
  3. Re-writing your Story of Illness.
  4. Just between You and I.


Bonus Meditation: Sovereignty

Living with Uncertainty

  1. Navigating the Unknown 
  2. Grief, Loss and Letting Go
  3. Your Sacred Resources 
  4.  Just Between You and I


Bonus Meditation: Letting Go

Emotional Confidence

  1. Badass Boundaries
  2. Releasing the Good Girl 
  3. Authentic Relationships
  4. No more apologising for being unwell.

Bonus Meditation: Boundaries

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You are talented, intelligent and passionate.

Even though you live with chronic illness, you still want what is possible. You know your chronic illness is real and frankly you are tired of being emotionally worn down by managing it all. Pushing through, 'performing wellness' and exhaustion are not sustainable. 

You are craving an empowered way to live with chronic illness. You want to have meaningful work, great relationships and live out your dreams. You are willing to accept they may not look the way you thought they would but you absolutely are committed to finding the way through.  


We are the Majestic Ones

Your Sovereignty Membership

Each week, you'll receive a heart-to-heart audio talk on a monthly theme. It's my perspective on the key life area we're focusing on. We’ll explore how we meet the circumstances we face and access our power within. Essentially, how we let go and grieve the losses, build our emotional confidence, set badass boundaries and create a life filled with love, sustainable work and creativity. Every month, you’ll be able to ask questions and I will answer them in the monthly Just Between You & I recording.

The program will give you daily encouragement, practical strategies and powerful resources to not only navigate your experience of chronic illness but also to feel grounded and make life decisions that align with your deepest well-being.

Each week you'll feel seen, heard and connected with your own Sovereignty. Plus you'll gain all the tools you need to create a life where you flourish even while living with chronic illness.

Every Month 

In your own time, at your own pace, when and where suits you - delivered straight to your ears.

  • 4 Heart-to-Heart audio talks –  It’s like sitting on the couch once a week with your bestie who 'gets it' and receiving wise counsel all in one.
  • Just Between You and I –  post your questions directly to Michelle and she'll answer them in this monthly Q & A recording.
  • Bonus Guided Meditation – think simple support anytime for letting go, clarity, boundaries, busy mind, centring, joy, de-stress. 

You'll have early access for every Guest Masterclass, Event and Course throughout the year. Some of our courses sell-out prior to release - so you're first in line now.

Monthly Bonus Meditation

Every month there is a bonus meditation for you – choose to do what resonates with you

Letting Go, Creativity, Acceptance, De-stress, Love, Inner Queen, Sacred Freedom  and so many more (these meditations are specifically designed for women living with chronic illness $300 total value). SOVEREIGNTY members receive them all over the next 12 months.


Just Between You & I

Every month I answer your questions – intimate, honest, raw and real. 

You'll simply post a question or pop me a note and I share with you my guidance, experience and how to move forward. There's a lot of limbo and waiting while navigating illness. And a shift in perspective uncovers a new door, a way through. I'll listen, I'll share and we'll find it.

I know every woman living with chronic illness...

can shine authentically.

We can be seen in this world for the magnificent, wise and incredibly powerful women we truly are.

We can live in a new story which honours our experience and our talents.

We do not need to deny our reality or the physical pain in order to flourish. 

In working intimately with 1000s of chronically ill women, I've come to realise that the underworld journey of chronic illness can be navigated. It is possible to live authentically with freedom.


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