Episode 11: Mental Health and Chronic Illness with Lauren Freedman

Season #2

How do you take care of your mental health when you are living with chronic illness? In this interview with Health Coach Lauren Freedman you'll learn about the toxicity of hustle culture and its impact on those of us living with chronic illness. Plus how to stop internalising the shame placed on living with chronic illness. And a whole lot of real talk about moving from surviving to thriving with chronic illness

About Lauren

Lauren Freedman is an award winning entrepreneur, voice actor, writer and activist who lives in Los Angeles. She has lived with depression and anxiety since she was a teen, and was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and sleep disorders in 2017. This sparked her interest in the invisible illness community and she now hosts the incredibly popular podcast Uninvisible Pod. 

About Michelle Irving 

A pioneer in the Chronic Illness space, Michelle Irving is the Queen of the Underworld. She mentors women around the world, teaching them how to create a life filled with love, meaningful work and deep personal power. She believes we can all have a positive relationship with ourselves even in the midst of experiencing illness. You can chat Michelle by booking at

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