Ep15 Life with Endometriosis and Art - Danica Gim

Season #2

Why is it so hard is it to get a diagnosis of Endometriosis?  In this episode artist Danica Gim shares

  • Her experience with endo throughout her teenage years and how her boyfriend called it first.
  • What it's like managing your career while living with endo, including as a flight attendant. 
  • How art become a way to transform her childhood experiences with religion. 
  • How to be a successful artist while also living with chronic illness

About Danica

Danique (Danica Gim) is a super talented Artist from the Netherlands. When she is not writing or making art, Danica is traveling the globe as a flight attendant and creating awareness of endometriosis on her Instagram to help other women avoid the struggles she faced trying to get a diagnosis.

About Michelle Irving 

A pioneer in the Chronic Illness space, Michelle Irving is the Queen of the Underworld. She mentors women around the world, teaching them how to create a life filled with love, meaningful work and deep personal power. She believes we can all have a positive relationship with ourselves even in the midst of experiencing illness. You can chat Michelle by booking at

Connect with Danica

Instagram: @danica.gim

Website: Danica Gim

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Instagram: @michelleirvingofficial


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