Ep 19: Career Climbing, Stalling and Thriving with Nicola Pye

Season #3

How do you manage a high profile London career in Management Consulting while also living with chronic illness? Who do you tell what? And when?

In this brand new season of the Pyjama Interviews we are diving deep into Career and Chronic Illness. Our guest  Nicola Pye shares her own experience of the rollercoaster of chronic illness throughout her career. Plus the high price of performing wellness and what to do instead and how to disclose in a way that feels safe. This is a real conversation about how chronic illness is a powerful pathway to Authentic Leadership.

About Nicola


Nicola has over 25 years’ experience as a learning and leadership development professional, executive coach, and until recently was Global Talent Director for EY, whom she worked at for 22 years. Having experienced chronic illness as a teenager and on and off throughout her career she refuses to be defined by it but is relentless about ensuring it determines how she shows up as a leader.

Nicola now thrives as The Leadership Coach & People Person, in her mission to help CEOs and Senior Management teams create positive impact by making work better for themselves, their workforce and society.

About Michelle Irving

A pioneer in the Chronic Illness space, Michelle Irving is the founder of Career and Chronic Illness InternationalMichelle has over 15 years experience in Mentoring and Executive Coaching for people navigating their career while living with chronic illness. Career and Chronic Illness programs include extensive, specialised content for authentic conversations about your experience and needs, developing excellent professional boundaries, managing your emotional, mental and physical capacities as well as progressing in your career of choice. Michelle's mentoring and training programs are suitable for people currently working and those returning to work after extended leave.

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