5. Jenn: Return to Work with Calm Confidence

Season #3

This week, I talk with Jenn Sharp about On this episode of The Pyjama Interviews sharing how a diagnosis of Lyme disease turned her world of work upside down.

Jenn went from accelerating her career in Human Capital and Talent Management, to confronting the world of disability policies, being bed bound and then making it all the way back to full-time work in management consulting in Washington D.C.

We go deep into the toxicity of hustle culture and shame in the workplace, how to advocate for yourself, and why chronic illness prepares you for Authentic Leadership.

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A pioneer in the Chronic Illness space, Michelle Irving is the founder of Career and Chronic Illness InternationalMichelle has over 15 years experience in Mentoring and Executive Coaching for people navigating their career while living with chronic illness. Career and Chronic Illness programs include extensive, specialised content for authentic conversations about your experience and needs, developing excellent professional boundaries, managing your emotional, mental and physical capacities as well as progressing in your career of choice. Michelle's mentoring and training programs are suitable for people currently working and those returning to work after extended leave.

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