6. Peter: Disclosing Chronic Illness at Work

Season #3

Did you know that 38% of people living with chronic illness are in professional, leadership roles? This is exactly what Dr. Peter Ghin’s recent report, "Disclosing Illness at Work,” found. 

Peter lives with ME/CFS, and on this episode of The Pyjama Interviews pod, he shares both his personal experience of chronic illness and career as well as the research findings in this area. In this week’s podcast we talk about:

  1. How we romanticize 'the great leader' and what it means when a leader becomes unwell. 
  2. What we can learn from how and why leaders disclose.
  3. How creativity often opens the door to a new path and where it can lead you in your corporate career.
  4. How you can use your experience of chronic illness to become a powerful Authentic Leader.

About Peter

Dr Peter Ghin is a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. His expertise is in the future of work, chronic illness employment, leadership, and organisational behaviour. 

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