MAGNIFICENCE: Empowerment with Chronic Illness



A curated collection of 5 Masterclasses designed for intelligent, talented, creative women experiencing chronic illness.

 by Michelle Irving

There's a pervasive myth that anyone living with chronic illness cannot live a whole-hearted expansive life. This archaic perspective keeps us stuck in a disempowering story, fraught relationships and drains our hope. So let's be super clear here, you are not pre-destined to be invisible and emotionally stifled, it's just that no one teaches us how to create a life filled with love, confidence and beautiful opportunities. 

The great news is there are key, practical skills you can learn to create a life that you know in your heart must be possible. You deserve to be seen, heard, believed and accepted. And this is exactly what you will learn through this curated collection of 5 Magnificence Masterclasses. Discover how to:

Reclaim Your Story

Speak Up & Be Heard

Shine Authentically

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There's a big difference between living with chronic illness and feeling deeply empowered while living with chronic illness




Your Magnificence Map

Masterclass 1: Reclaim Your Story

We don't have to live with the stories or 'roles' other people assign to us about our experience of chronic illness. Learn practical strategies for releasing what doesn't serve you and reclaiming your personal power. It's time to feel like you again.

Masterclass 2: Speaking Up with Badass Boundaries 

Create your own badass boundaries so you can manage your energy and prioritise what is important for you. Plus you'll learn how to become an apology-free zone and what to say, when and to whom. Includes your 'Saying No' cheat sheet.

Masterclass 3: Discovering Your Warrior

Learn how to be your own best advocate with clinicians and everyone else. 

Masterclass 4: The 5 Powers of Chronic Illness

Discover how to confidently navigate the emotional ups and downs by using the powers of clarity, time, mortality, vulnerability and intentionality. This is where you learn to make empowered decisions.

Bonus Masterclass: The Heroine's Journey with Sarah Ramey

Learn practical strategies to stay grounded in your own personal power and flourish.

Bonus Ritual & Meditation: Your Sacred Freedom

Access your inner confidence and guidance for the next right step for you right now.

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"Michelle's courses are incredibly profound, heartwarming and supportive." 

I have been dealing with chronic illness for over 20 years. It affects my mood, my energy, my sleep, all kinds of things. Over the years, I have tried, you name it, I've tried everything but I find that the work that Michelle is doing is very unique. I have much more confidence really about just opening up, learning more about myself and moving forward. 


~Wendy, Melbourne, Australia.



All in your own time, at your own pace, when and where suits you - fully accessible on demand.

  • A Comprehensive, Easy to Navigate Course Platform.
    Get instant access to all 5 Masterclasses with videos, practical workbooks and resources for ongoing learning.
  • A deep dive into each topic.
    In the talks, you’ll learn about the key ideas for each topic, including how to release old beliefs and unconscious patterns. Plus new perspectives and updated skills for your everyday life.
  • Guided Exercises and Practical Instructions
    Each Masterclass contains specific explorations and learning including the Masterclass video, journal prompts, practical approaches you can implement immediately. 
  • Beautiful Workbooks & Powerful Processes
    Deepen your exploration through reflection, daily practices and cheat sheets on what to say and to whom.
  • Bonus Content
    Additional material and resources for you to explore and enjoy.
  • Lifetime Access
    Lifetime Access to the entire collection and bonus content.


Magnificence Home-Study Collection

Build your emotional confidence, set badass boundaries and create a life filled with love and empowerment.

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We are the Majestic Ones





Masterclass 1 

Reclaim Your Story

Throughout our entire lives we are told 'stories' by family, friends and clinicians about who we are and what it means to have chronic illness. In this experiential Masterclass you will learn how to let go of any roles (i.e. battler, victim, 'ms fix-it', counsellor) that don't feel good or true for you. Plus practical strategies to return to your own power as the meaning-maker of your own life. Learn how to:

  1. Move on from the disempowering stories of illness.
  2. How to change the 'roles' you've been assigned as victim, battler and people-pleaser.
  3. Be seen and heard in your authentic story.
  4. Create a genuinely powerful life while also experiencing chronic illness.

Masterclass 2 

Badass Boundaries

Chronic Illness can erode our confidence and in turn our capacity to set healthy boundaries. And yet nothing is more supportive for our personal and even professional wellbeing than knowing we can be seen, heard and respected. In this Masterclass you will learn: 

  1. Why Badass Boundaries help you confidently navigate chronic illness.
  2. How to create healthy Badass Boundaries and stop putting up walls.
  3. How to set the tone in any conversation and truly honour what is important for you.
  4. Why managing your energy is a critical skill for your well-being.
  5. How Badass Boundaries ensure you prioritise authentic self-care.


Masterclass 3 

Discover Your Warrior

When you live with chronic illness it can feel like you have to fight everyone and everything just to be heard. However, there's a big difference between standing your ground and armouring up before every appointment or family event. In this Masterclass you'll learn how to advocate for yourself, set boundaries and protect your energy. Discover:

  1. Why it's important to build and access your Inner Warrior.
  2. How your Warrior is always in service of your Sovereignty (Independence and Autonomy).
  3. Why energy trumps words and how to be heard without saying anything.
  4. Why being OK with other people's discomfort is an integral part of holding your boundaries. 

Masterclass 4

The 5 Sacred Powers of Illness

So much of our experience of illness can be disempowering. We face physical limitations as well and emotional overwhelm. However there is a way to cut through this and create a live filled with joy, love and vibrancy when we use the 5 Sacred Powers of Illness. Learn

  1. Why the 5 Sacred Powers of Illness are important and what they are.
  2. How listen to and act on your authentic needs, wisdom and truth.
  3. How to use the Powers of Clarity, Time, Intentionality, Mortality and Vulnerability to create a vibrant life now.

Bonus Masterclass 5 

The Heroine's Journey with Sarah Ramey

In this gorgeous bonus Masterclass Sarah and Ramey and Michelle Irving share with you:

  • Why it's important to have an empowering story of illness which doesn't mean slaying all the dragons and pushing through.
  • How to share your experience of illness with others.
  • Sarah's new agreements with herself about work.
  • What happens with friendships when we are so unwell and how to decide which ones are truly supportive.
  • Finding your way through grief and despair when in pain.
  • How to create genuine  feedom while living with chronic illness.

Bonus Sacred Freedom Ritual & Meditation

Your Sacred Freedom is the foundation for expanding your authenticity, wisdom and vibrancy. Through this immersive Meditation and Ritual you will:

  • Align with your own immense power guided by your inner Queen, Warrior and Wise Woman.
  • Allow your authentic power to move through your body, psyche and emotions so you feel its imprint.
  • Hear the clarity of your own intuition illuminating what is ready to begin in your life and guiding you into the next right step for you now.

Plus your 15 page Sacred Freedom Ritual Guide!

What they say...

"I recommend this Masterclass collection to anyone struggling to manage chronic illness and life. Michelle truly opens doors for deeper healing as well as a greater opportunity to live more fully."

Before starting this series I felt unclear and overwhelmed on how to manage my relationships and life in general. All fo the content and practical exercises Michelle shares are so helpful to hear and put down on paper! This series is filled with so many nuggets of wisdom it is helping me on a daily basis. Michelle has a way of going deep but also keeping things simple and clear to digest and assimilate in one's daily life. I feel empowered and inspired every time I work with her. Her guidance is clear, playful and supportive. 

 ~Samantha,  Massachusetts, USA.


Magnificence Home-Study Collection

5 Powerful Masterclasses + Your Sacred Freedom Meditation

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I know every woman living with chronic illness...

is Magnificent.

We can be seen in this world for the beautiful, wise and incredibly powerful women we truly are.

We can live in a new story which honours our experience and our talents.

We do not need to deny our reality or the physical pain in order to flourish. 

In working intimately with 1000s of chronically ill women, I've come to realise that the underworld journey of chronic illness can be navigated. It is possible to live authentically with freedom.



Yes! I myself have a rare autoimmune condition and chronic vertigo, but the program uses general "chronic illness" terminology. The lessons and tools learned in this program can be used on ANY chronic illness journey.


Let's just say Masterclass One is about to change everything! ;) If you believe there is no hope and nothing can change I HIGHLY encourage you to dive into MAGNIFICENCE.  Your whole experience CAN change and I can help you do that! Yes.


The Masterclasses and resources are yours FOREVER! This is timeless wisdom. You can come back to it over and over again as many times as you'd like.


Yes. Every Masterclass is available both as a video and a separate audio-only track. So you can listen on the go or lying on your pillow. 


Most definitely! If you have internet you can access MAGNIFICENCE. Any time, anywhere.


Thankfully, the whole collection is self-paced and will be perfect for you! Take this Masterclasses at whatever pace you want - no need to do a one a week. 

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