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There is a way through, so let’s get to it. 


Working with Michelle will empower and nourish you.

Be mentored by Michelle Irving and join a community for women who are dedicated to de-shaming illness and creating a life filled with love, meaningful work and deep personal power.


Join us for: 

Career and Chronic

Emotional Empowerment

Queen of the Underworld






Career and Chronic Illness 

Your dreams, career, and love life shouldn’t feel impossible because you are living with chronic illness. I am passionate about supporting you to navigate your career in an empowered way.

I offer Executive Bespoke Mentoring packages designed for intelligent, savvy women currently working and looking to return to work. 

You can also join our Elation Program with extensive, specialised content for managing your career while living with chronic illness.

Our focus is emotional empowerment and practical strategies so your career works for you and your body. 


Emotional Empowerment with Chronic IllnessTM 

There is an emotional map for chronic illness and Michelle will teach you how to navigate it in an empowered way. 

Over 7 weeks with LIVE Masterclasses with Michelle, you'll create empowered boundaries, get grounded in your full Sovereignty and trust yourself deeply. You'll leave with genuine hope for your magnificent future.



Queen of the Underworld

Queen of the Underworld is an immersive 6 month journey designed to show you how to enjoy a life filled with love, deep personal power and meaningful work that works for you AND your body. We honour the depth, grit, vulnerability, and tenacity that has served you this far, and illuminate the sacred power you are already embodying. 



In this home-study Masterclass Collection Michelle shares how build your emotional confidence, set badass boundaries and create a life filled with love and empowerment while living with chronic illness. You deserve to be seen, heard, believed and accepted. And this is exactly what you will learn through this curated collection of Magnificence Masterclasses. 


Client Love


“The best thing about Michelle’s work is knowing everything you are experiencing and thinking is relatable.”

I found talking with the other women after being given guidance by Michelle very helpful. During the program I experienced a sense of safety in sharing deep connection with other women's experiences, and I felt seen and heard in my own process. As a result of Michelle’s work I will be unpacking parts of my life to rebuild as I move forward. It’s taught me to look at how much I want on my plate. And what I want to say to other people about my experience.  It was fantastic!

~Anna, Melbourne, Victoria

“I know it's not magic but it feels like it. I didn't believe her when she said I would have more energy, but I do!”

Before I worked with Michelle, all that I could do and manage was my health each day and I was in a place of desperation. I really wanted to learn how to integrate living with chronic illness into my life, I just didn't know how to do it on my own. 

Within a couple weeks, I was having such a different internal experience. Mentally and emotionally I am in a much better place and I feel genuinely empowered. I have gained a lot more understanding, knowledge and compassion for myself and my own process. I am moving forward and know how to navigate uncertainty and not get stuck anymore.

 ~Megan Dietrich, Los Angeles 


“I have released the deep shame and guilt I have been carrying for decades. I now have the skills to navigate my life authentically and powerfully”

I was called to work with Michelle because I was feeling frustrated and blocked in my life living with ME/CFS for over 30 years. Working with Michelle has given me validation as a woman living with an invisible condition, practical tools to reclaim my inner worth and sense of agency and a beautiful community of women who are also travelling with chronic illness.

I’m reclaiming my dignity, power and vulnerability and parting ways with the shame and playing small and living without dreams and hopes.

 ~Lisa Fam, Melbourne


I was in a dark hole and the support and love from Michelle and the other women helped me start to climb out. 

The biggest impact Emotional Empowerment with Chronic Illness has had on me is that I now feel less alone and scared. I had been suffering somewhat in silence and felt like life around me was continuing without me in it. I'm living with a long covid which has been terrifying and so isolating, but doing Michelle's course with a bunch of beautiful vulnerable women provided comfort and I felt seen and heard. Like I could finally come up for air!

Michelle taught me to reframe my narrative in a more helpful and empowering way.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who is living with chronic illness and feels stuck, isolated and hopeless. Michelle, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom, deep care and guidance

~Caitlin, Melbourne 


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