What if your experience of illness 

was a portal to your most profound

power and sovereignty?





Ever felt like somehow you fell down a hole into the mythological Underworld and have no idea how to find your way out again? 

Normal life seems to go on for everyone else but you’re being poked, prodded and even operated on. Living with chronic pain, fatigue, drug side effects and emotional overwhelm?

Yep, me too. And the truth is despite everyone’s well-meaning support and solicited (or unsolicited) advice - we still have to find our own path through this deeply uncertain, emotional terrain. 

There’s no way around the genuine grief of the loss of our physical capacity, the loss of the life we had before illness and even the loss of the future life we planned.





 We change our inner story, the one we tell ourselves and then the one we share with others. Whether we have a diagnosis or are struggling to get real help, we can still feel invisible like somehow our soul and power have faded, and this is the perfect place to start. 


Let me be super clear with you-

You are in a deep psychological dive into your own power, sovereignty, tenacity, intuitive wisdom, and ultimately the clarity of your soul.   

The quality of your health may stay exactly the same, but the quality of your life really improves when you know this is the path you are on. 

This is the path I found for myself.

I realised that everything I was facing was strengthening me even though I felt super wobbly. It’s a paradox but actually like the Greek myth of Persephone, I may have been extremely naive when I started this journey - privileging the doctor’s views over my own, not speaking up about terrible side effects, not asking for more support and not setting great relationship boundaries... but through the experience of being bed-bound twice and living with chronic illness every day I now embody my full sovereignty as a Queen of the Underworld. 


I know how to move in the dark.

I know how to nourish my soul.

I know how to set Bad Ass Boundaries.

I know how to shine my magnificence clearly into the world.

All of this has developed precisely because I have had to find my emotional strength.

I had to find clear intuition in order to make it through the daily experience of chronic illness.

From Fear to Empowerment

I know every woman living with chronic illness...

is on the path to her own Sovereignty.

We can sit in circle together. We can be seen in this world for the magnificent, wise and incredibly powerful women we truly are.

And that is how this story goes.

That is what we can do with our raw pain, our formidable strength and with our true compassion with ourselves and others.

In working intimately with many chronically ill women, I've come to realise that our journey into the underworld is what allows us to create safety and boundaries in our life experience.  

You may not know this by looking at me, but I've lived for over 15 years with two chronic health conditions...

One life-threatening, which cannot be cured and the other a debilitating vertigo condition.

Through these experiences I have become dedicated to a world where no one is shamed for their experience of illness. In fact, I'm for a world where we are respected and valued precisely because of what we go through. The grit, vulnerability and power we harness every day to meet our experience. 

I call this the Sacred Power of Illness. I am committed to helping women access their emotional Power and Freedom.

My work focuses on mentoring women just like you, who want to have a positive relationship with themselves even while living with serious illness.

I live a passionate life speaking, writing and running courses in a way that works for me and my body. I also lie down a lot, and enjoy quiet time with my gorgeous partner Cliff. 

I cannot wait to meet you, to share what I have learnt from my many years lived experience with serious illness and my deep passion for this work.


And, I bring this all to you...


Queen of the Underworld is an immersive 8 month journey for women experiencing serious illness. 

In this course, we honour the depth, grit, vulnerability, and tenacity that has served you this far, and illuminate the sacred power you are already embodying. 

Imagine living your whole magnificent life having great relationships, and meaningful work in a way that works for you and your body.  


Never again apologise for feeling unwell.

Feel the relief of not having to ‘fix’ everyone else’s reactions to your condition.

Feel zero guilt or shame about prioritising your own self-care and knowing what you need.

Imagine that you feel emotionally grounded and proud of yourself. 

Enjoying all the wisdom, joy and love you have created in your life.

You embody this. You are the informed decision-maker in your life especially around treatments and ongoing management of your condition.

Fully access and trust your own intuitive guidance.

Stand your Sacred Ground.


"This work is so important and empowering because most women living with chronic illness experience a sense of erosion of their power and confidence over time."

And so to have something like this, that can literally start building you back up into a powerful person who is also sick is such just a tremendous gift. I am so excited for the process, for this programme to go through this with you.

We are talking about the quality of your life. The quality of your health may stay exactly the same, but the quality of your life really improves, especially that relationship that you have to yourself, which is bar none the most important relationship in your life. And to get some help kind of re establishing that bond is incredibly powerful. 

 ~Sarah Ramey, Author of A Lady’s Handbook to her Mysterious Illness. Washington, USA.


"Michelle's courses are incredibly profound, heartwarming and supportive." 

I have been dealing with chronic illness for over 20 years. It affects my mood, my energy, my sleep, all kinds of things. Over the years, I have tried, you name it, I've tried everything but I find that the work that Michelle is doing is very unique. I have much more confidence really about just opening up, learning more about myself and moving forward. 


~Wendy, Melbourne, Australia.


"To look at those really deep questions you have to be in an environment of high trust."


You don’t really deal with the emotional side of illness because you're immediately dealing with the physical experience. To survive in a way you build a bit of a cocoon and I buried the emotional impact on me while I was dealing with the treatment and side effects. But then I had to make sense of what I have been through, what that meant for me, and then how I had come to live my life around it.

Michelle creates this trust in a very empathetic and connecting way because she has experienced all of this. It's unspoken, it's known and that allows for a greater sharing. I realised what I was going through is really normal and honestly that was incredibly helpful. 


~ Susan, Melbourne, Australia.


Queen of the Underworld

Comprises 8 distinct modules specifically designed to meet you at any stage of your personal journey with illness, supporting you to safely explore your experience and ultimately embody your deep Authentic Power.

You will learn how to transform your experience and conversations about illness.

You will shed the shame that gets layered into us as women experiencing illness.

You will release the grief for what has not been and move towards the vast possibilities of what can be.

You will understand how to navigate the uncertainty of illness.

You will embody your sovereignty.

You will set magnificent boundaries in all your relationships, including with clinicians about your treatment. You will learn how to engage with colleagues, managers and staff in a way that works for you and your body.

You will map a new course for yourself filled with self-respect, self-love and creative abundance.

You and this illness are in relationship and here is the pathway to emotional power through it.

Over the course of 8 months we will journey through a deep + mystical process that will empower you to become the Queen Of your Underworld

Your Pathway to Sovereignty...


Module 1: Making Our Lives Sacred

We begin by exploring our beliefs, stories, our memories and programming about what we have been taught about illness. We need to access our subconscious, the deepest parts of ourselves in order to create long lasting and monumental shifts.


Module 2: Navigating The Unknown

We dive deep into the great feminine myth of Persephone as our archetypal guide. You'll uncover your personal and practical resources, honouring who you are and who you are becoming. You learn how to access our ultimate intuitive wisdom even on the days you feel whacked. Especially for those days.


Module 3: Understanding and De-shaming your Story of Illness 

Here we gain the understanding about how deep, transformative illness journeys work and the stages of personal development. You will identify and release any shame about our experience of illness. You re-map your narrative as we illuminate the power you have already been steeped in.


Module 4: Archetypes of Power

Here we explore the deepest letting go of all that has been. We allow any residual grief to find expression through both mystical ritual and embodiment techniques. Here you work specifically with your Power Archetypes - your inner Queen, Warrior and Wise Woman. All with the purpose of finding your way through illness into the sovereign ground of your wisdom and capacity.


Module 5: Saying the Unsaid

It's time to set healthy relationship boundaries AND connect with Love. We come to terms with what has been and uncover what is truly unspoken within. We dive deep into the Myth of Aphrodite and reclaim our own inner lover, our sensuality and what we truly desire. You will specifically explore your own Circle of Wellness and Speak Up for what you need and want. This is where your Sovereignty becomes embodied.


Module 6: Creating Meaningful Work

Here we explore what is meaningful work for you, and how to do that in a way that works for you and your body. We reset your relationships at work, no longer taking on an 'emotional labour'. You'll find and act from your Sacred No and Sacred Yes.


Module 7: Flourishing with Authenticity

Now we expand into a life where you can thrive, and enjoy the expression of your magnificence in the world. Here you embody all of your experience, wisdom and talents. You know you have choices and are comfortable making the most optimal ones for you. You will consistently prioritise your own energy and self care, so that you have capacity to do what is most important to you.


Module 8: Mystical Alchemy

The Power of the Mystic is the lived experience of the chronic illness world. Here you explore your own personal shamanic gifts and your full capacity to trust yourself. You are now very skilled at using your discernment, setting badass boundaries and opening up to a life where you flourish. We integrate the whole 8 month journey and close with a deeply personal ritual.


8 Module Digital Program

Queen of the Underworld is a Digital Program designed to completely release old beliefs & programming, especially any shame, create your Badass Boundaries, enjoy meaningful work and access your authentic emotional power to create a life that works for you and your body. 


Powerful Masterclasses

You get to experience regular Live, Interactive Group Masterclasses with Q & A, Coaching & Conversations on ALL things Power and Freedom with Illness!


8 Months of Transformation

Queen of the Underworld  8 Modules of  powerful content with videos, journal prompts, rituals, meditations and practical strategies you can implement immediately. Not only will you be able to understand and integrate the emotional experience of illness but this inner work leads to deep emotional, tangible results. You will enjoy more freedom, have more energy for what you want to do and have all the rest you need for your body.


8 Months of Intimate Community

You will have access to a beautiful, engaged, community of women experiencing illness and at a similar place in their desire to have a deeply positive relationship with themselves, and thrive.


I invite you to join me

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