Listen: How to manage your career while living with chronic illness

Michelle Irving
Listen: How to manage your career while living with chronic illness

Managing your Career while living with Chronic Illness

✨ 47% of Australians live with a chronic illness, 70% of whom also work

✨ That's 6.6 million women in Australia living and working with chronic illness

So why don't we talk about this more?

🦸‍♀️ Michelle is on a mission to de-shame chronic illness, illuminate the stories of those 6.6 million Australian women, and help us all see their unique strengths and value.

In this episode with the fabulous Vari we talk about:

👉 Society's outdated and untrue story of illness and wellness

👉 Michelle own experience of 2 chronic illnesses and how she now helps women in this space

👉 The 'hero's journey' we see portrayed so often, and the power of illuminating the 'heroine's journey' instead - including some incredible ancient mythology

👉 How the pandemic has changed opinions and ideas on chronic illness

👉 Where women with chronic illness can find connection, community and 'helpful help'

👉 How those people's family, friends, colleagues, leaders and communities can be more 'helpful helpers'

👉 Michelle's wish for women living with chronic illness and how we can all help

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