Read: Why I love ageing

I think we spend most of our life trying to work out how to 'do' life. I now have enough evidence to see that I made it through all the things that worried me in my 20s, 30s and 40s.

Here's what I've learned:

Life is unpredictable, messy, and filled with twists and turns. There isn't some magical nirvana where everything is finally sorted.

You will feel—a Lot!

For me, I've had to acclimatised to my own emotional world. I've learned how to:
- genuinely hold steady in the face of uncertainty,
- throw a good pity party and give myself the grace of a meltdown
- Plus and this is key, I know when to get over myself.

I've discovered that letting my emotions flow through me is a pathway to safety, and I've incorporated somatic and embodiment practices to make this process easier.

You will step into your Feminine Maturity.

This means being able to be with all the parts of yourself, especially the small, scared parts and yet not let them make any BIG decisions. (This takes practice:)

There are times when you'll feel triumphant and times when you'll feel it’s all too hard. This is life. You haven’t done anything wrong - you're simply being human.

You can trust yourself.

This is what I love most about ageing. I have learned to trust myself deeply. I know everything is figureoutable even when it looks like it isn’t.

Perhaps it takes until the age of 50 to have enough experience and evidence under your wings to realise you can live. You are OK. You will be OK. You are even OK on the days you are convinced you are not. Because it's also OK not to be OK.

You will still experience vulnerability.

While I still have to meet my anxieties and vulnerabilities, I know that these live in the hearts of others too. We are all just trying to work out how to do life. And the truth is - you are already doing it. You’ve been doing it.

Everything is OK

I know I will get to the end of life and l say I did it!
I made it - right here all the way to the end!

You are doing life, you are doing just fine. That is enough.

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